Xcar is a project with more than 17 years of development, this flying-car prototype arises from the need for a more personalize transport, capable of traveling long distances safely and quickly, also contributing whit negative emissions to the environment.
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Tourism produces about 8% of the overall CO2 emissions, and this percentage is constantly growing. According to a study published in Nature Climate Change in 2018, tourism produced emissions will increase by 4% every year. 3Rsouvenir is a service of Santaviva ltd. It aims at promoting Sustainable travel. Our Vision: We envision a planet with reduced effects of climate change. Our Mission: To establish an eco-system that protects, restores and promotes sustainable solutions to combat climate change. Key activities 1. Promote conservation of sensitive environments and native wildlife. The 3Rsourvenoir has developed a wide range of products in the line of clothing, travel mugs, throw pillows, tote bags, phone casings, Ipad casings and crafts. The products are souvenirs for various game reserves and nature sites. 10% of each product purchased will be returned back to conservation of the particular site visited. 2. Promotion of local culture and passing down of traditional skills. Cultural tourism will be one way celebration of local culture. This will be done through cultural performance arts and heritage festivals, production of hand made crafts to support the local communities. 3. Sign up for I pledge to conserve nature. #Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. This friends of nature campaign. Each Travel with a purpose activities will include; • Plant a tree as a footprint of my travel • Participate in community wellness activity e.g. Trash clearing • An Advocate for sustainable tourism. • Celebrate cultures. • Conserve water and energy during travel. • Avoid single use plastics. All our drives we be aimed at contributing SDGs 15 and 13.
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MORPHO - "Manufacturing, Overhaul, Repair for Prognosis Health Overreach"

MORPHO is an industrial research project, financed by the Horizon 2020 programme with a budget of €5 million, whose ambition is to accompany the development of smart aeronautical parts namely engine fan blades, to endow them with cognitive capabilities, and to optimise their manufacturing and their life cycle management. MORPHO "Manufacturing, Overhaul, Repair for Prognosis Health Overreach" aims to, design, develop, test and validate an innovative, robust, and environmentally friendly industrial process to manufacture, monitor, and recycle a new generation of intelligent, multifunctional, multi-material parts such as engine fan blades. This process will rely on embedded sensors, data-driven hybrid twins, and machine learning algorithms to track the entire life cycle of the targeted aeronautical parts in real-time. The final goal of MORPHO is to contribute to developing standards that will enable a reliable, sustainable, agile, and cost-competitive industrialization of smart structures for aeronautics.
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Horizon 2020 SUSTAINair Project

One of the EU’s priorities is to advance the design, production and field operation of multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts. New technologies emerging because of advances in European research and innovation can help meet this goal. However, key obstacles surrounding the entire aircraft component value chain will need to be overcome first. Tackling these challenges, the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project SUSTAINair project aims to address each stage of the component value chain by developing and introducing novel concepts and techniques that will shape design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, overhaul and recycling processes for lightweight, multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts. SUSTAINair applies circular economy principles to the design, manufacturing, operations, and end-of-life phases of aircraft. SUSTAINair is researching and developing solutions to increase resource efficiency and aircraft performance while cutting down on waste and material costs throughout the aircraft life cycle, what is known as circular aviation. The central approach of SUSTAINair is to substantially increase the sustainability of the airframe value chain by achieving a paradigm shift in aircraft manufacturing. As such, the project has been endorsed by the Future Sky flagship program of EREA - Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics. SUSTAINair brings together 11 European research and industry partners, and is coordinated by the Austrian Institute of Technology - Light Metals Competence Centre AIT-LKR.
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Zambia Electric Vehicle Technician Training Programme

Zambia is a country that has the potential to be a major electric vehicle industrial hub in the southern African region. Zambia and its neighbours produce all the raw materials necessary for an electric vehicle to function. Our primary objective is to re-skill electrical, mechanical and automotive engineering educators, students and graduates to be proficient in Electric Vehicle manufacturing, Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing and Electric Vehicle maintenance in order to attract investment in Electric Vehicle manufacturing in Zambia and in southern Africa. We aim to do this by partnering with the Zambian government, private sector actors in Zambia as well as with Educational and vocational training institutions in the United States, the European Union and Canada.
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The Joules Verne Urgent Plastic Cleanup!

The Joules Verne Urgent Plastic Cleanup is developing unique Lighter Than Air solutions to the devastating plastic problem around the world starting in South East Asia. Based at the nandin Innovation Centre (ANSTO) at Lucas Heights in Sydney, NSW Australia, the team comprises innovators, inventors, world-renowned scientists and aeronautical engineers. Join us as, one day in the not too distant future, we fly the 'Joules Verne' Lighter Than Air (Zeppelin) Airship over some of the worst polluted rivers in the world, pick up tonnes and tonnes of plastic and mixed dross and take it away, economically, efficiently and with a minimal carbon footprint to waste to energy facilities. Starting in Jakarta, Indonesia, then to the rest of the world.
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