Vacuum Glass

ENERGY-SAVING AND MODERN SOLUTIONS IN THE APPLICATION OF HIGH-SPEED VACUUM IN EVERY FIELD OF INDUSTRY. Mission The mission of our company is to provide the highest quality products that will add positive value to the architecture and products that require the use of vacuum glass, all with respect for the environment. By using the highest quality materials and innovative VG production methods, we become market leaders. VG is now a well-established technology with future potential in many areas, making it an attractive choice on the thermal insulation glass market. We are constantly working on expanding our offer, using the latest technology for this purpose, so as to present our capabilities to our clients and guarantee the highest quality of our services. Vacuum-Glass are vacuum panes that provide comfort of use with a fully compatible smart home maintaining a lower temperature inside during summer /on hot days and higher temperature during winter /in colder seasons. The potential of VG vacuum panes can be attributed to the innovative technology that is necessary when adapting window profiles / window joinery to thin vacuum panes. Vacuum glass is characterized by excellent quality and parameters that undoubtedly contribute to the air temperature in the rooms. The product Vacuum Glass is a part of the European project Eensulate. This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 723868. H2020- EEB-2016-2017/H2020-EEB-2016.
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Leda Polymer

Leda Polymer is a company specializing in innovative and individually tailored solutions in the field of molded foam manufacturing. The main products are bubble wrap, polyurethane foam and molds used in the construction of vertical gardens. Developing various arrangements of space with the use of modern technology benefits the protection of nature. Plants are a natural and important element of nature placed in our immediate environment which improve its climate. Creating a variety of plant compositions is a way to decorate both building facades and spaces in unadorned homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.
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Greening Kuwadzana

The persistent growth of socio-economic and environmental inequalities is greatly compromising human development and the achievement of sustainable development goals especially on low income earners in high density suburbs in Africa in general, and Zimbabwe in particular. Low income earners are the most affected by climate change, especially as far as health is concerned. It is high density suburbs such as Kuwadzana that have very few trees, maintained parks or functional recreational spaces, and this is where refuse is seldom collected. This compromises the quality of our lives. On the other hand, several studies have demonstrated that exposure to natural environment, or ‘green spaces’ has an independent influence on health and health-related behaviours, and that income-related inequality in health is less marked among populations with greater exposure to green space because it has the potential to modify pathways through which lower socio-economic position can lead to disease. It is within this context that we find it necessary to lead a massive ‘Green the City’ project that started in Kuwadzana. So far we have planted and are maintaining 1000+ trees. The target is to plant at least 5000 trees in Kuwadzana between 2020 and 2025 and to educate as many residents as possible on the importance of trees and protecting the environment. Our goal is to improve the health of high density suburbs by reducing effects of pollution and climate change through increasing the number of trees, to improve the diet of the community by planting fruit trees in schools, churches and appropriate public spaces designated by the city council, and to beautify our streets with a canopy of trees and so on.
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End plastic pollution is a project designed mainly to raise public concern and a total ban of both single and recyclable plastics
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