The ‘ENVISION’ project will demonstrate a full renovation concept that, for the first time, harvests energy from ALL building surfaces (transparent and opaque). ENVISION’ focusses on energy harvesting of the façade, and works by absorbing the invisible part of the solar radiation (the near-infrared (NIR) part, roughly 50% of the solar energy spectrum) allowing visible aspects to be retained.
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The ISLANDER project paves the way for the decarbonisation of EU islands’ energy systems by demonstrating smart grid solutions combining renewable energy production with storage technologies in real-life settings. Starting with the Pilot island of Borkum, the project aims at replicating these solutions to 4 Follower Islands: Lefkada and Skopelos in Greece, Orkney in the UK and Cres in Croatia, and to other EU islands. ISLANDER is composed of 11 organisations from 7 European countries committed to the community led energy transition of EU islands. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation under grant agreement No 957669.
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We’re a team of military veterans developing a new first-of-its-kind oceanic renewable energy and freshwater generation technology with a carbon offset. Our device is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in any weather condition; aimed at reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.
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EcoMpishi Solar Cookers

Athel Technology Limited has come up with a new cooking solution known as the EcoMpishi Solar Cooker. We manufacture EcoMpishi Solar Cookers. This cooking solution embraces the use of solar energy which is usually lost most of the time during the day. EcoMpishi Solar Cookers have no emissions and use free solar energy accessible worldwide. Our solar cooking technology is one way of reducing deforestation as it is less costly compared to other alternative cooking solutions such as firewood and gas cookers, which need constant refills. - Our vision as Athel Technology Limited, is to produce more eco-friendly, clean, reliable, and efficient cooking solutions for every household.
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Let us mitigate the cutting down of trees for the purpose of charcoal mining

Traditional charcoal mining in Africa is one the leading factor now causing deforestation, many people have engaged on charcoal producing which involves in cutting down of trees. The trade in charcoal in Africa is booming to the extent that environmental campaigners are left worried. We all know deforestation has a devastating impact and is not always visible immediately. In some cases, the impact may take years to materialize, but it is inevitable Our Solution Our Solution is to train people especially young people on producing Briquettes out of agricultural waste materials that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Problem Africa is a is the second largest continent but it consume more charcoal than all over the European countries combined. In order to maintain a household in Africa, a family utility one ton of charcoal annually. This is equivalent to cutting of 80 million size of trees. Billions of trees has to be cut down every year. This innovation will helps to solve this problem.
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CARSEAN-Caribbean Sustainable Energy Action Network

CARSEAN is a nascent international ecosystem of key stakeholders in the governmental, financial services and renewable energy systems sectors. Mission: To make an immediate and significant contribution to the implementation of sustainable energy, water, food and public transportation systems, while increasing well-being, equal opportunity and prosperity in Caribbean small island developing states. Method: A comprehensive 3-stage plan to develop island infrastructure and an funding model adapted from the very successful PACE/CPACE and 1031 Exchange programs in the U.S.  
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