An innovative platform facilitating a paradigm shift in Human lifestyle and longevity. Result such that humans may exist (physically & mentally) within both Abundance and a balanced ecological footprint.
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CleanBiofuels, Foods & Structurals, made out of Fast-Growing Oganisms

SGBB is an advanced Green Technology for Indoor, On-Shelf Mass-Production, in sealed Vertical Aeroponic Farms - https:// , at a cost, close to Zero, of thousands tons per day, of Superfast-Growing (1m/day) Bamboo Biomass - , as a perfect Clean Biofuel ( 20-40MJ/kg - ) & Raw Material for more solid, gaseous & drop-in C-Neutral BioFuels, Foods - , Proteins, Fats, Oils, Sugars, Fodders, Ferts, Fibres, Papers, BioPolymers, Construction Materials, Pellets, Briquettes, pure BioCarbon (BioChar - 30MJ/kg - ; + as an abundant sterile-clean feed for the "Holy Grail" - the fastest-growing (10k times in 14 days) BSF-Larvae ( BSFL , Hermetia Illucens - the best source of Fat for Organic Fuel Oil - OFO - ) , creating new livelihoods in remote, poor, rural regions, opening new jobs and generating gigantic revenues . .
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icouturiers® is sustainable inclusive fashion and home textiles marketplace and a community. It is created to support ongoing and inevitable transition towards slow and sustainable fashion. It also supports community based approach towards DIY efforts, craftsmanship preservation and respect to resources of the environment. Community members can order custom-made tailoring, designing, styling, mending, alterations, knitting and crocheting of clothes, footwear, accessories and home textiles. In addition to consultations to help them do it themselves.
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Floodgate - climate crisis play @EdFringe 22-27th 8pm

Floodgate, at the Fringe Festival from the 22nd-27th of August, 8pm at the Space @ Niddry Street. Floodgate addresses our climate crisis with fierce honesty and daring provocation. Set in a dystopian future, our play interrogates feelings of guilt and personal responsibility through the most relatable thing of all: family. ‘It is 2081. A coastal town is quiet, deserted by those seeking higher ground. As three siblings clear out their grandma’s belongings, they find a diary left behind that will change everything. When the floodgates open, will they sink or swim?’
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The Solar Connection

A collection of documentaries and guides about people who want to shift to off-the-grid living. This documentary aims to bring to a broader audience the possibilities of a new future based on sustainability and technology. Our objective is to raise awareness about the non-speculative uses of new technologies, one of those begin blockchain and its whole ecosystem.
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Captain Polo Climate Academy

The Captain Polo Climate Academy aims to leverage the emotionally significant elements of fiction storytelling, practical activities and the arts to empower children as agents of positive change for climate action and sustainability, both as future decision-makers and as current key influencers of their parents and other adults. The Captain Polo Climate Academy offers a range of products and services to schools and parents to support their efforts in teaching and preparing children between the ages of 8 and 13 on the realities and solutions concerning the climate and environmental crises.
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