The BIOMOTIVE project is paving the ground towards the production and subsequent market penetration of biobased automotive interior parts with enhanced technical performance, improved environmental profile and economic competitiveness, with the aim of replacing the fossil-based, non-biodegradable counterparts. This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 745766 2
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FrontSH1P a new European project, gathering over 30 different members. Frontsh1p will support Lodzkie region and local communities to manage the challenges of fair and just transition to circular economy. It is one of the biggest European projects dedicated to revitalising the Lodzkie region by deployment of systemic solutions with the support of local clusters and the development of regional community-based innovation schemes.
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Grøn Sky - Your Sustainable Cloud Storage Solution

The world’s greenest cloud storage solution for your data. Grøn Sky is the world's most climate friendly cloud solution for storing documents, photos, video and other data.
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ECOVAL proposes a new approach for the management of urban organic waste that has a lower environmental impact and promotes the circular economy, thanks to the conversion of waste into resources. The project will promote the biofactory model, replicable throughout the European Union, to obtain bio-products with high added value from sewage sludge and urban bio-waste. ECOVAL will develop the complete value chain from the collection of waste to the marketing of the end product, through the development of innovative biotechnological processes that allow volatile fatty acids – demanded by the plastic, lubricant and agrochemical industries – to be obtained from sludge and urban organic waste.
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WE OFFER AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS AND INITIATE THE DECARBONIZATION OF DIESEL ENGINES. ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF CO2 EMISSIONS PRODUCED BY DIESEL ENGINES. - PUREST FUEL presentation We are a company with high environmental responsibility and we specialize in the development of clean technologies that are friendly to the environment. These technologies are designed to improve air quality, combat climate change, reduce CO2 production, optimize combustion processes and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. THE PROBLEM According to the GLOBAL CARBON PROJECT, in 2,019 around 37,000 million tons of CO2 were produced. These levels, with 1,400 million vehicles worldwide. By 2036, 2.8 billion vehicles are expected to consume fossil fuels. THIS SITUATION WILL BE CRAZY! OUR SOLUTION Our SYSTEMS (PUREST FUEL) are developed for the optimization of combustion in Diesel cycle engines (internal combustion by compression) to: 1- Increase the productivity of diesel machinery by saving fuel. We make companies more competitive. 2- Significantly reduce GHG / CO2 emissions from this machinery. 3- We help improve air quality. 4- We managed to reduce the rates of respiratory diseases linked to high levels of pollutants. 5- By reducing the rates of respiratory diseases, we contribute to reducing health sector expenses. 6- We fight against climate change. Our technology applies to any diesel engine, as follows: - Agricultural Sector (tractors, water pumps, harvesters, collators, etc) - Mining and construction (excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, others) - Cargo Transportation (tractors, trucks, dump trucks) - Diesel generators - Oil & Gas (drilling rigs, generators, pumps) - Maritime Sector (tugboats, yachts, ARC - diesel engines, outboard engines (gasoline) - Passenger transport (buses, vans) - Boilers and ovens - Motorcycles (gasoline) - Others
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