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Zambia Electric Vehicle Technician Training Programme

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Zambia is a country that has the potential to be a major electric vehicle industrial hub in the southern African region. Zambia and its neighbours produce all the raw materials necessary for an electric vehicle to function. Our primary objective is to re-skill electrical, mechanical and automotive engineering educators, students and graduates to be proficient in Electric Vehicle manufacturing, Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing and Electric Vehicle maintenance in order to attract investment in Electric Vehicle manufacturing in Zambia and in southern Africa. We aim to do this by partnering with the Zambian government, private sector actors in Zambia as well as with Educational and vocational training institutions in the United States, the European Union and Canada.


To provide vocational and skills development opportunities in the emerging green economy and create a targeted pipeline of educational linkages between vocational and training institutions in the Global North and those in the Global South.

To advocate for public policy that creates an enabling environment that supports the beneficiation and processing of Zambia's mineral resources. To cooperate and coordinate with the Government of Zambia, private sector actors, and other civil society and multilateral organizations that have similar goals and objectives.

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