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Captain Polo Climate Academy

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The Captain Polo Climate Academy aims to leverage the emotionally significant elements of fiction storytelling, practical activities and the arts to empower children as agents of positive change for climate action and sustainability, both as future decision-makers and as current key influencers of their parents and other adults. The Captain Polo Climate Academy offers a range of products and services to schools and parents to support their efforts in teaching and preparing children between the ages of 8 and 13 on the realities and solutions concerning the climate and environmental crises.


Establish Captain Polo’s Climate Friendly Food Project as a key extra-curricular activity in schools, at global level. A participative, practical, multidisciplinary, and solutions-oriented research project designed to stimulate critical thinking skills around climate change and global food systems


So far Captain Polo’s Climate Friendly Food Project for schools has been successfully piloted with a Montessori school in Quito, Ecuador. The project proved to be highly inclusive and amenable to co-design with schools.

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