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Let us mitigate the cutting down of trees for the purpose of charcoal mining

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Renewable energy


Traditional charcoal mining in Africa is one the leading factor now causing deforestation, many people have engaged on charcoal producing which involves in cutting down of trees. The trade in charcoal in Africa is booming to the extent that environmental campaigners are left worried. We all know deforestation has a devastating impact and is not always visible immediately. In some cases, the impact may take years to materialize, but it is inevitable Our Solution Our Solution is to train people especially young people on producing Briquettes out of agricultural waste materials that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Problem Africa is a is the second largest continent but it consume more charcoal than all over the European countries combined. In order to maintain a household in Africa, a family utility one ton of charcoal annually. This is equivalent to cutting of 80 million size of trees. Billions of trees has to be cut down every year. This innovation will helps to solve this problem.

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