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CleanBiofuels, Foods & Structurals, made out of Fast-Growing Oganisms

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SGBB is an advanced Green Technology for Indoor, On-Shelf Mass-Production, in sealed Vertical Aeroponic Farms - https:// , at a cost, close to Zero, of thousands tons per day, of Superfast-Growing (1m/day) Bamboo Biomass - , as a perfect Clean Biofuel ( 20-40MJ/kg - ) & Raw Material for more solid, gaseous & drop-in C-Neutral BioFuels, Foods - , Proteins, Fats, Oils, Sugars, Fodders, Ferts, Fibres, Papers, BioPolymers, Construction Materials, Pellets, Briquettes, pure BioCarbon (BioChar - 30MJ/kg - ; + as an abundant sterile-clean feed for the "Holy Grail" - the fastest-growing (10k times in 14 days) BSF-Larvae ( BSFL , Hermetia Illucens - the best source of Fat for Organic Fuel Oil - OFO - ) , creating new livelihoods in remote, poor, rural regions, opening new jobs and generating gigantic revenues . .

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