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OUR MISSION: .To break the circle of poverty among the children , youths& Adults Refugees in deprived community with the use of Digital and soft skills OUR VISION: .To give to all Youths refugees between the ages of 15 to 30 years old an equal access to IT and soft skills. CORE VALUES: 1.Integrity 2.Excellence 3.Accountability 4.Transparency 5.Respect 6.Impact 7.Partnership, Collaboration etc. AREA OF OPERATION or ACTIVITIES:NOT LIMITED To achieve its objectives, the UIR trains Youths Refugees in: 1.Digital literacy (children and adults) Freelance and digital entrepreneurship, Leadership, English all levels , Children’s Rights Awareness, Online Higher Education, Business studies, Producing skin jelly Batik, soap making WAMTECH in full wash management and Technology Hygiene Promotion in the community.

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