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Food & Agriculture


The UP4HEALTH project provides the demonstration at pre-industrial scale of an INTEGRATED BIOREFINERY for the recovery of valuable biomolecules from food processing by-products (grape pomace, Olive pomace and olive stones and nuts by-products) and their conversion into natural, healthy and sustainable high added-value products for the NUTRACEUTICALSand COSMETICsectors. UP4HEALTH ingredients will meet market requirements of CONSUMERS and INDUSTRY in these sectors. In UP4HEALTH the recovery of the value of food by-products will tackle objectives at private and institutional perspectives to solve industrial, economic and social problems derived from the generation of residual streams in the food processing industry and the increasing demand for natural and healthier products by consumers and industry in a scenary of limited resources


To guarantee a year-round supply of safety feedstock to be used during the project implementation to meet end-user requirements.

To develop an optimized plant-based waste biorefinery for obtaining functional ingredients from olive, grape, and nut by-products, through the integration of Pulse Electric Field (PEF), Drying and Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) technologies to reach maximum yields of ingredient extraction at pilot scale in terms of quantity and quality

To scale-up, the optimized processes selected through modeling and eco-design tools.

To validate the UP4HEALTH ingredients for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

To demonstrate the environmental & economic feasibility of UP4HEALTH production process at pre-industrial scale by conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC).

To ensure that UP4HEALTH ingredients and products are apt to reach the market in terms of legal aspects and industry and consumer acceptance.

To contribute to standardization in the bio-based economy, to help to increase market transparency by providing common reference methods and requirements in order to verify claims about bio-based products.

To maximize the impact of the UP4HEALTH project through a tailored Business Plan and Dissemination and Communication Plan.

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