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MORPHO - "Manufacturing, Overhaul, Repair for Prognosis Health Overreach"

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MORPHO is an industrial research project, financed by the Horizon 2020 programme with a budget of €5 million, whose ambition is to accompany the development of smart aeronautical parts namely engine fan blades, to endow them with cognitive capabilities, and to optimise their manufacturing and their life cycle management. MORPHO "Manufacturing, Overhaul, Repair for Prognosis Health Overreach" aims to, design, develop, test and validate an innovative, robust, and environmentally friendly industrial process to manufacture, monitor, and recycle a new generation of intelligent, multifunctional, multi-material parts such as engine fan blades. This process will rely on embedded sensors, data-driven hybrid twins, and machine learning algorithms to track the entire life cycle of the targeted aeronautical parts in real-time. The final goal of MORPHO is to contribute to developing standards that will enable a reliable, sustainable, agile, and cost-competitive industrialization of smart structures for aeronautics.


Developing dedicated sensing technologies for Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) manufacturing process

Elaborating hybrid twins merging physics-based and data-driven models for the smart structure and its RTM manufacturing process

Developing an innovative RTM process that integrates sensors technology connected with digital/hybrid twin approach

Quantifying the operational performances of the smart fan blade by integrating its hybrid twin in a cosimulation tool dedicated to the design of highly complex systems such as aircraft engines.

Developing probabilistic Structural Health Monitoring-data-driven methodologies for damage assessment as well as the estimation of the mean remaining useful life accompanied by uncertainty quantification

Qualifying the use of embedded sensors (fiber Bragg grating -FBG- and printed sensors) for the assessment of life cycle of fan blades structures

Enabling a new inspection strategy of fan blades based on automated Structural Health Monitoring technology.

Developing a new methodology that combine two innovative process, a laser-induced disassembly and a pyrolysistechnology, for the optimal recycling of the fan blades after their end of service life.

Propose guidelines and standards for the implementation of the innovative Resin Transfer Molding manufacturing of fan blades process.

Propose guidelines and standards in the implementation of Structural Health Monitoring systems for aerofoils application.

Pave the way for new standards of a non-mechanical disassembly process for titanium-composite structure


Manufacturing next generation multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts

New manufacturing paradigm shift with enhanced ecological maintenance and recycling characteristics

New/updated technologies that will offer a competitive advantage of European MROs.

Maintaining and extending European industrial leadership.

Pushing forward knowledge and innovation in the areas of the project

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