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Biowaste & CO2


ECOVAL proposes a new approach for the management of urban organic waste that has a lower environmental impact and promotes the circular economy, thanks to the conversion of waste into resources. The project will promote the biofactory model, replicable throughout the European Union, to obtain bio-products with high added value from sewage sludge and urban bio-waste. ECOVAL will develop the complete value chain from the collection of waste to the marketing of the end product, through the development of innovative biotechnological processes that allow volatile fatty acids – demanded by the plastic, lubricant and agrochemical industries – to be obtained from sludge and urban organic waste.


The main objective of ECOVAL is to overcome the legal, technological, social and cultural barriers that allow the development of business models for the marketing of by-products with high added value – volatile fatty acids and fertilisers – obtained from sewage sludge and urban bio-waste generated in urban environments of the Sudoe Space.

The application of innovative technologies based on biotechnological processes. This recovery entails the conversion of a waste into a resource and therefore contributes to protecting the environment and new comprehensive environmental management systems are established in urban settings.

The development of new industrial biotechnologies that minimise the final waste generated during the liquid and solid organic waste treatment processes.

The transfer of knowledge between universities, technological centres, administrations and private entities favoured by transnational cooperation.


Convert the Sudoe Space into a sustainable and efficient society, taking advantage of the waste generated as resources.

Contribute to the legal feasibility and social acceptance of the business model based on the recovery of bio-products from organic waste generated in urban settings.

Demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility and sustainability of the new organic waste management model in urban settings of the Sudoe territory.

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