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Whether you are an individual, a family or an organization, we would like to invite you to sign up to the AdoptTheWorld award-winning initiative and join a team of thousands of volunteers in over 100 countries who are doing their bit for the environment by adopting a place and taking care of it. Our dream is to have the whole world adopted, one place at a time… The initiative is very simple: (1) Choose a place you wish to adopt and log it through this link: It could be the street where you live, or part of it, your favorite park, the beach where you take your dog for a walk, the reef where you dive on the weekends, the path where you run in the evening… basically any place in the world that can be pinpointed on the map!. (2) You can adopt as an individual or group (family, business, organization, etc.) as many places as you like as long as you are able to take care of them (3) You can adopt a place that has already been adopted by someone else. (4) We invite you to join our Facebook group and follow us on social media so you can connect with adopters around the world, keep yourself informed, and share with others your activities. When posting, please add: #plasticbusters and #adopttheworld (5) You will receive a personalized e-certificate with your name and the adopted areas, and these will be added to a world map (see map below, or follow this link). (6) You are responsible for your own safety, please ensure you follow your local council/government’s health & safety guidance. Follow this link for some basic recommendations to enjoy safely your activity. As a participant, you pledge to: (a) Help to keep the area clean, on your own or getting involved in, or organizing, community cleanups. We ask that you do this at least once every quarter, and that you appropriately separate and bin what you collect to ensure as much as possible is reused /recycled. (b) Report to the local authorities of the area problems such as fly tipping, extensive littering, issues of dog fouling, etc. Spread the word and encourage people to join the initiative. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

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