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Grøn Sky - Your Sustainable Cloud Storage Solution

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Biowaste & CO2


The world’s greenest cloud storage solution for your data. Grøn Sky is the world's most climate friendly cloud solution for storing documents, photos, video and other data.


We have built the world’s greenest cloud to help cut power consumption and CO2 emission from cloud storage.

How do we do it? We divide your data into two categories. Most of the data we store in the cloud is rarely or never accessed – and when we do need it, we can easily wait a few hours to get it. This is what our Long Term Storage offers. Need to store data you are actively using? – no problem. Instant Access Storage offers the traditional 24-7-available storage, you likely know from other providers.


Our solution reduces power consumption and thus CO2 emissions from cloud storage by up to 90 percent.

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