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Tourism produces about 8% of the overall CO2 emissions, and this percentage is constantly growing. According to a study published in Nature Climate Change in 2018, tourism produced emissions will increase by 4% every year. 3Rsouvenir is a service of Santaviva ltd. It aims at promoting Sustainable travel. Our Vision: We envision a planet with reduced effects of climate change. Our Mission: To establish an eco-system that protects, restores and promotes sustainable solutions to combat climate change. Key activities 1. Promote conservation of sensitive environments and native wildlife. The 3Rsourvenoir has developed a wide range of products in the line of clothing, travel mugs, throw pillows, tote bags, phone casings, Ipad casings and crafts. The products are souvenirs for various game reserves and nature sites. 10% of each product purchased will be returned back to conservation of the particular site visited. 2. Promotion of local culture and passing down of traditional skills. Cultural tourism will be one way celebration of local culture. This will be done through cultural performance arts and heritage festivals, production of hand made crafts to support the local communities. 3. Sign up for I pledge to conserve nature. #Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. This friends of nature campaign. Each Travel with a purpose activities will include; • Plant a tree as a footprint of my travel • Participate in community wellness activity e.g. Trash clearing • An Advocate for sustainable tourism. • Celebrate cultures. • Conserve water and energy during travel. • Avoid single use plastics. All our drives we be aimed at contributing SDGs 15 and 13.


Goal 13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

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