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Renewable energy


The ‘ENVISION’ project will demonstrate a full renovation concept that, for the first time, harvests energy from ALL building surfaces (transparent and opaque). ENVISION’ focusses on energy harvesting of the façade, and works by absorbing the invisible part of the solar radiation (the near-infrared (NIR) part, roughly 50% of the solar energy spectrum) allowing visible aspects to be retained.


Active harvesting of the solar radiation from all the building surfaces, while retaining aesthetic aspects

Easy Installation. The patented click-façade solution, allows “plug and play” of well insulated pre-fab elements by all kinds of new ‘ENVISION’ façade solutions

Easy maintenance, enabled by the “click-on” façade concept for the non-transparent parts. The ventilated window concept will be developed so that the glass can be cleaned easily on the outside and inside of the glazing

Large scale deployment potential, thanks to the modularity and flexibility of the prefab solutions

Linking heat generation façade elements to district heat network. The interaction with different generations of DHN at low and high temperature will be enabled

Cost Effectiveness, ROI lower than 10 years


Heat collecting non-transparent aesthetically pleasing façade elements by harvesting the NIR solar radiation

Heat harvesting ventilated glass by harvesting the NIR solar radiation

Electricity harvesting photovoltaic glazing solutions

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