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Leda Polymer

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Smart city


Leda Polymer is a company specializing in innovative and individually tailored solutions in the field of molded foam manufacturing. The main products are bubble wrap, polyurethane foam and molds used in the construction of vertical gardens. Developing various arrangements of space with the use of modern technology benefits the protection of nature. Plants are a natural and important element of nature placed in our immediate environment which improve its climate. Creating a variety of plant compositions is a way to decorate both building facades and spaces in unadorned homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.


Introduce bio-based polymers and fibers to the market. We are launching a polyurethane foam product for use in the construction and textile industries

Implementation of vertical gardens in urban space


Thanks to Vertical Garden, a modern metropolis has a chance to become a low-emission, green, environment and resident-friendly space.

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