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Energy-efficient buildings


iclimabuilt’s goal is to create an open access ecosystem for developing, upscaling and testing innovations in building envelope materials and technical systems via its 9 Pilot Lines (PLs) to reach Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) balance. At the same time, iclimabuilt will support and help small high-tech firms to scale up and cope with the continuous rising of technological complexity, assisting in the transformation of research results into innovations.


materials development (for improved thermal and functional performance of building envelope solutions)

design and assembly of technical systems (fully customizable, flexible, modular and de-mountable aesthetic designs)

monitoring and characterization strategies to support decision-making (fully monitored living labs and nonresidential nZEBs)

dissemination and exploitation activities (increased market and societal acceptance of validated products through the testbed)

refined and expedited access to financing solutions to reinforce the competitiveness and extroversion of SMEs, all translated to “6 building blocks” in the project


At least 20% increase in the number of new SME users for existing test beds

At least 20% improved industrial process parameters

At least 30% faster verification of materials and system performance

At least 30% faster verification of materials performance

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