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Vacuum Glass

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ENERGY-SAVING AND MODERN SOLUTIONS IN THE APPLICATION OF HIGH-SPEED VACUUM IN EVERY FIELD OF INDUSTRY. Mission The mission of our company is to provide the highest quality products that will add positive value to the architecture and products that require the use of vacuum glass, all with respect for the environment. By using the highest quality materials and innovative VG production methods, we become market leaders. VG is now a well-established technology with future potential in many areas, making it an attractive choice on the thermal insulation glass market. We are constantly working on expanding our offer, using the latest technology for this purpose, so as to present our capabilities to our clients and guarantee the highest quality of our services. Vacuum-Glass are vacuum panes that provide comfort of use with a fully compatible smart home maintaining a lower temperature inside during summer /on hot days and higher temperature during winter /in colder seasons. The potential of VG vacuum panes can be attributed to the innovative technology that is necessary when adapting window profiles / window joinery to thin vacuum panes. Vacuum glass is characterized by excellent quality and parameters that undoubtedly contribute to the air temperature in the rooms. The product Vacuum Glass is a part of the European project Eensulate. This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 723868. H2020- EEB-2016-2017/H2020-EEB-2016.


The search for modern energy-saving solutions in the field of construction brings the expected results. Thanks to the developing modern technology, we are able to save the energy that comes out of the building. Glasses make up 10% of the total facade of a building, but the energy loss that they cause accounts for 44%. Vacuum Glass panes have been created thanks to the glass industry contribution.

The mission of our company is to provide the highest quality products that will add positive value to the architecture and products that require the use of vacuum glass, all with respect for the environment.


Compared to conventional insulation, VG is more efficient because it saves energy (both heat and cold). In addition, the innovative glass has excellent adaptability, a thin structure, a long service life and the possibility of easy replacement.

VG panes have the property of blocking infrared radiation from the outside by a low-emission coating. In this way, they effectively block heat transfer, and their thermal insulation performance is several times better than insulated glass. VG panes meet all international requirements for heat transfer, both for windows and doors installed in buildings.

Vacuum Glass prevents heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor environments. VG glass returns heat back to the interior, allowing for greater temperature control. The glazing retains more heat by reducing UV radiation, allowing light to pass through the window easily.

Vacuum Glass has the property of sound insulation, making the room quiet in a given room in the very center of the city. This is due to the Vacuum Glass chamber, which blocks the sound from outside without getting inside the room. VG glass also has properties in the field of medium and low frequency sounds, which blocks the penetration of sounds such as road noise.

The glass structure meets the standards of the tempered glass, so that the VG can withstand the pressure of about 20 adults of average weight. VG glass retains its impact strength at low temperature. When the VG glass breaks, it breaks down into small particles. Standard glass can shatter under the same pressure.

Vacuum Glass has the properties of eliminating dew condensation between the layers, which significantly reduces the dew point on the surface. When the temperature drops below -60 ℃ in freezers or buildings, the glass will not be frosted but transparent.

It provides a material with excellent performance, which has a long life cycle ensuring a high level of vacuum. VG panes are made of very flexible sealing materials, thanks to which they have high resistance to high temperature differences.

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