How to meet the challenges of the coming years


The most important thing is commitment

Due to the scale and complexity of the issue achieving goals of sustainable development will be possible with the active involvement of not only scientists and the success of many innovative projects, but above all from business, policy makers and government organizations of many countries.

Deep changes are necessary,

in terms of the adaptation of many production lines based on outdated technologies and using environmentally harmful products, i.e. fossil oil.

Changing consumer preferences

What is more the consumers preferences must shift towards more conscious and sustainable alternatives, goods that are based on natural renewable sources, Such changes arise as a result of the interaction of many involved entities acting jointly and severally for transformation purpose.

The important role of EU projects

To date, many excellent innovations have been created in EU projects and not only, in every area of life, from healthcare, through research on the natural disasters effects, improvement of the automotive market to energy-efficient buildings and interior components, to agriculture providing quality crops, water treatment for waste and biowaste management and circular economy.

Taking advantage of most successful projects and proven results and outcomes should be a priority for many industrial manufacturers and governments of many countries around the world.

A threat that cannot be foreseen

It seems that the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Covid - 19 pandemic made many sceptics as well of governments, fully aware how concentrated industry and dependence on gas and fossil fuels may not only lead to environmental pollution but also lower the standard of living for millions of people in the world. To sum up with three quotes from P.F. Drucker: Innovation is a work that requires knowledge, and often also a great ingenuity. To be successful, innovators must take advantage of their strength and stay in tune with coming opportunities. Innovation must always be close to the market, be market-oriented, and in fact be inspired by it. The market has already partially implemented some of modern technologies, i.e. solar panels, wind farms, etc. It seems that at the present time the implementation of projects should be accelerated. To avoid money lose due to high prices of raw materials (gas, oil) and the side effects of pollution manufacturers are forced to change their attitude and introduce modern, environmentally friendly solutions to mass production. We invite you to visit and register on our portal and share the innovative projects Green Project Expo

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