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The Greening Kuwadzana Project recognizes the mental health challenges. See what event will take place this time.

European Green Deal - for English-speaking audiences

Webinar with the University of Lodz, the main topics are European Green Deal and EU projects that contribute to just transitions goals.


The third in our series of Webinars from the Award winning team at Proteus Instruments. Real-time BOD/COD/TOC monitoring & control of influent & effluent at WWTWs
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Greening Kuwadzana

The persistent growth of socio-economic and environmental inequalities is greatly compromising human development and the achievement of sustainable development goals especially on low income earners in high density suburbs in Africa in general, and Zimbabwe in particular. Low income earners are the most affected by climate change, especially as far as health is concerned. It is high density suburbs such as Kuwadzana that have very few trees, maintained parks or functional recreational spaces, and this is where refuse is seldom collected. This compromises the quality of our lives. On the other hand, several studies have demonstrated that exposure to natural environment, or ‘green spaces’ has an independent influence on health and health-related behaviours, and that income-related inequality in health is less marked among populations with greater exposure to green space because it has the potential to modify pathways through which lower socio-economic position can lead to disease. It is within this context that we find it necessary to lead a massive ‘Green the City’ project that started in Kuwadzana. So far we have planted and are maintaining 1000+ trees. The target is to plant at least 5000 trees in Kuwadzana between 2020 and 2025 and to educate as many residents as possible on the importance of trees and protecting the environment. Our goal is to improve the health of high density suburbs by reducing effects of pollution and climate change through increasing the number of trees, to improve the diet of the community by planting fruit trees in schools, churches and appropriate public spaces designated by the city council, and to beautify our streets with a canopy of trees and so on.


We’re a team of military veterans developing a new first-of-its-kind oceanic renewable energy and freshwater generation technology with a carbon offset. Our device is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in any weather condition; aimed at reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.
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Crisis Management Innovation Netwrok Europe (CMINE)

CMINE is the ‘Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe’. It is a community of practice funded by the European Commission as part of a 3 year sustainability strategy for the Driver+ project under grant agreement ID: 607798. It is a thriving community of more than a thousand Disaster Resilience experts from every walk of life. Academics, practitioners, policy-makers and industrial leaders, all with one common purpose - creating successful and robust innovation to improve the security of our societies. Created by H2020 with the support of the key EU agencies and directorates, CMINE is a non-profit platform linking projects, providing a common space for developing ideas and sharing basic resources to help avoid every project creating its own. Many of the mot successful Projects are using it for communication and dissemination and to link them with like-minded teams with overlapping interests so contact us to see how CMINE can add real value to your proposal and we’ll be pleased to support you.
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